Terms of License

This document is a legal agreement between the user (hereinafter 'licensee') and ScreenCheck International BV (hereinafter 'ScreenCheck'). Please read the terms before installing the software. Using the software or update indicates your acceptance of these license terms. If you do not accept these license terms, you have to return immediately the unused software for a refund to the vendor you purchased it from.

By paying the retail price, the buyer pays the License fee to ScreenCheck. ScreenCheck grants the licensee a non-exclusive right-to-use the license - without the right to sub-license - to store, load, install, execute or display the software on one single computer. ScreenCheck reserves all rights not specifically granted, and retains title and ownership of the software, including all subsequent copies in any media. The software and its accompanying written materials are copyrighted. You may copy the software solely for backup purposes; all other copying of the software or written materials is strictly forbidden.

As the only warranty under this agreement, and in the absence of accident, abuse or misapplication, ScreenCheck warrants, to the original licensee, only that the disks on which the software is recorded, are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 90 days from the date of payment as indicated on the payment receipt. The main features of the software will work in accordance with the manual that can be downloaded from the ScreenCheck website. However ScreenCheck does not guarantee that the delivered software is free from defects in materials and workmanship. ScreenCheck's only obligation under this agreement is to either return the purchase price as indicated on the payment receipt or replace the disk that does not meet ScreenCheck's limited warranty and which is returned to ScreenCheck with the payment receipt. ScreenCheck excludes all liability for any type of damage that is caused by using the software or by prevention of using the software. ScreenCheck does not accept any claim damages concerning for example (but not exclusively) loss of profit, business interruption or data loss.

These license terms are subject to the law of the Netherlands. ScreenCheck reserves the right to update the license terms at any time without notice.